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Analysing the opportunity cost of gender inequality on SMEs and the self-employed The study, sponsored by the CEOE Foundation, shows for the first time the contribution that closing the gap between SMEs and the self-employed in Spain would make to the Spanish economy.

Gender gap in SMEs and the self-employed

Closing the gender gap in SMEs would lead to 2.8 million women entering employment. Closing the gap of 1.8 million unemployed women in Spain would not only eliminate female unemployment (accounting for 65.1% of the gap), but also bring over one million women who were previously not part of the active population into the labour market (representing the remaining 34.9%).

Opportunity cost

The report concludes that, in economic terms, closing the gender gap in SMEs would add €131.1 billion of Gross Value Added to the Spanish economy, equivalent to 10.9% of GDP in 2021.

In such a complex world, the best thing we have to compete is talent, it is people. A greater presence of female talent signifies increased prosperity for Spain, and it is within SMEs and the self-employed sector where this country’s great opportunity lies. The winning formula lies in diverse talent, as it is always inherently inclusive.

Fátima Báñez Chairwoman of the CEOE Foundation

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