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III ClosinGap Index For the third consecutive year, ClosinGap launches the ClosinGap Index to quantify the impact of the different gender gaps on Spanish GDP.

33 years until gender parity is achieved in Spain at the current rate

It is therefore estimated that Spain will reach full parity by 2056. In terms of economic impact, the indicator shows that the cost of inequalities between women and men has a negative effect of €212.1 billion, equivalent to 17.6% of GDP in 2021.

Employment, Education, Work-Life Balance and Digitalisation gaps improve. The gap in Health and Welfare is growing worse.

The III ClosinGap Index shows a positive trend primarily due to improvements in Employment, Education, Work-Life Balance, and Digitalisation compared to 2021. However, the work-life balance indicator, while improved, is still concerning as it has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The health indicator, meanwhile, has deteriorated and shows that the well-being of women has worsened more than that of men.

“The results of the third edition of our index show us the way forward for the Spanish productive fabric as a whole. However, we are still a long way from achieving parity and we cannot afford to continue with an inequality that represents more than €200 billion in terms of GDP and an opportunity cost of 2.5 million female jobs”.

Manuel Martín Espada Partner in charge of Markets at PwC Spain

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